Niam & Zarry :)

Chapter 5 is posted!!

Please check it out if you haven’t already :D

Niam (masterpost)


Y’all can fuck off with your narry, I think we should all start talking about niam and let me tell you why.

Let me reform you, my child.


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I love master posts like these
When will you post more of its a blur? Its liker really good

Omg really?! Thank you so much!! I’m co-writing it with a friend and we try to get a chapter up everyday and if not, every other day :)

Thanks so much for reading! :D

This is a Niam fanfiction I am currently writing with my friend.

I would really appreciate it if you read it! :D

Posted Chapter 4 of my Niam AU fanfic :D

Please go check it out :)
Me and my co-writer update it almost everyday so yeah

I started a new Niam fanfiction :D (with a side of Larry…yeah I know :/)

I really hope you like it. It’s actually a collab fanfic with my friend

Please read it :)

2 Chapters are posted so far :D


I FINALLY GOT CHAPTER 8 UP (and it’s split into two parts :P)

If you are a shoey shipper, please read :)